An initiative launched in 2015 by French, Italian and Swiss glaciologists, Ice Memory quickly became a global scientific program due to the engagement of world glaciologists worried in seeing the disappearance of glaciers, precious climate archives. The program is comprised of four main components.
Carottage Col du Dome Mont-Blanc
Collecting ice samples
from glaciers selected for their scientific value. Handled by an international scientific committee, selection of glaciers is based on their long term scientific interest and the extent to which to which they are in danger of disappearing. The international glaciologists coordinate with each other to optimize and carry out joint ice core drilling operations on the world’s major glaciated mountains. The Ice Memory program aims to drill 20 glaciers in 20-year period.
Carotte de glace
Performing exhaustive scientific analyses
on a reference ice core in order to build an open-access database for scientists not only for use in research by today’s scientific community but also to serve as a frame of reference for tomorrow’s scientists.
Ensuring long term reliable storage
of heritage ice cores.
Establishing optimum governance conditions
so that this legacy can be handed down to future generations, primarily under the authority of international representative state institutions.