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Convinced that safeguarding a heritage of ice coming from glaciers in danger of disappearing highlights the responsibility held by today’s generation, the international, scientific and institutional community has decided to take action.

The Ice Memory program aims to provide, now and for decades and centuries to come, the raw material and data necessary for scientific advances and political decisions that contribute to the sustainability and well-being of humanity.

Ice Memory aims to gather the international scientific and institutional communities to create in Antarctica a repository of ice cores from glaciers currently in danger of degradation or disappearance.

These ice core samples will be the property of humanity and a perennial governing body will look after their exceptional and appropriate use.

Scientists of upcoming decades and centuries will then have available quality raw material to pursue the research out of samples collected from glaciers that have disappeared.

Partners of Ice Memory share the same common values:
- Belief in science,
- Of public interest
- Believing in future generations.