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The Ice Memory initiative aims to collect, save and manage ice cores from selected glaciers currently in danger of degradation or disappearance, with their yielded information for decades and centuries to come. Safeguarding these ice cores is key to provide scientific advances and knowledge, that will ultimately contribute to the well-being of humanity.
World Heritage Glaciers: sentinels of climate change
World Heritage Glaciers: sentinels of climate change
Saving ice cores, one of the most valuable methods to keep track of the History of the climate: About 30% of glaciers recognized as World Heritage sites will disappear by 2050 and 50% by 2100, without a drastic and immediate reduction in greenhouse gases. The latest UNESCO and IUCN report “World heritage glaciers: sentinels of climate change” published on November 3, 2022, a few days before COP27, alerts to the imminent disappearance of the most valuable indicators for understanding the climate change.
Ice Cave and new tests to come
Ice Cave and new tests to come
From November 2022, teams in Antarctica will pursue their tests on the Ice Memory Sanctuary. This dedicated snow cave is in progress at the French-Italian Concordia Station, operated by the French Polar Institute and PNRA. This location allows natural storage at -50°C. The ice cave building will rely on an innovative methodology originally developed by Danish scientists in Greenland and adapted to the extremely cold conditions of the Antarctic plateau: creating an arched cave made of local snow, reworked through blowing over a large inflatable balloon. Environmentally-friendly, the methodology tested for 4 years at Concordia station shows much promising results.
Claude Lorius passed away
Claude Lorius passed away
The Ice Memory Foundation presents its most sincere condolences to the family of Claude Lorius. With his death, we lose the founder of ice core science in France and one of the world's pioneers in the study of climate and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere...
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The Ice Memory Foundation, under the auspices of the UGA Foundation, has been created on Jan 18th, 2021 by 7 founding partners.
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