[Ice Memory Workshops]: Ownership of scientific heritage, reasonable doubts or false certainties? 1/8

February 2024

A new serie of 8 workshops and a collaborative international chair to join

1/8  Ownership of scientific heritage:  reasonable doubts or false certainties? 

What is scientific heritage?  How is the ownership of a scientific heritage established? How are collected scientific samples acquired?  Is there a difference in the status of scientific samples depending on who owns them? Do the Ice Memory ice cores belong to their collectors, as part of their scientific assets?

On February 8, 2024  - 5pm-6:30pm CET - On line

With Marta C. Lourenço, Present director of the National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon (MUHNAC), her research and teaching interests encompass scientific collections, history of collections and museums, colonial collections. She has background training in Physics, Museology and History of Technology. National coordinator of PRISC (Portuguese Research Infrastructure of Scientific Collections), she teaches Material Culture of Science in the Masters of History and Philosophy of Science (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon).
Why join us? Provide answers to practical questions about property and legal framework on scientific heritage raised in the field of glaciology. These concepts will be approached from the angles of international environmental and scientific law. A final report based on the 8 Ice Memory workshops will be released in June 2024.
Who can participate? Glaciologists, researchers conducting research abroad, science, environmental and international law researchers.
Our working method: These bi-monthly workshops will be organized from February to June 2024. The formula is based on 1 expert / 1h30. We address two questions, plus one general question linked to Ice Memory heritage.

Contact Ice Memory Law and Governance Chair : theo.abadie@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

More info about the Ice Memory International Research Chair

Why a serie of 8 workshops?
Since 2015, the Ice Memory Foundation aims to collect and preserve ice cores drilled from glaciers in danger of disappearing due to global warming. Safeguarding these ice cores is key to providing scientific advances and knowledge in the decades to come. Recognized and encouraged by UNESCO, this ice core heritage will be preserved for future generations in a dedicated sanctuary in Antarctica managed under international governance.

Constituting the Ice Memory heritage involves a number of original legal questions such as their long-term preservation in an Antarctic sanctuary, the protection of data resulting from scientific research on these ice cores and, more broadly, the international governance of this heritage. The Ice Memory Law and Governance Chair has been created precisely to meet these legal challenges.
The Ice Memory Law & Governance International Research Chair is supported by the Ice Memory Foundation for the 2023-2026 period, thanks to its major donors. A special thank you to Fondation Prince Albert 2 de Monaco!
Contact us: icememorychair@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

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