[New Scientific publication in Nature] Glacier melting destroys important climate data archive

February 2024

Paul Scherrer Institut PSI scientists analyzed two ice cores taken from the Corbassière glacier in Grand Combin. Their results published today in Nature Geoscience show that it is no longer possible to use them as a climate archive due to increased melting of the glacier.

Research led by Margit Schwikowski, head of the Laboratory for Environmental Chemistry at PSI and Head of Ice Memory Scientific Committee

 "This study demonstrates that we must act very quickly to preserve the frozen memory of the planet. Ice Memory requires more than ever that the active forces sharing the values of our initiative be able to support in the near future the heritage coring operations which we have still needed” - Jérôme Chappellaz - Ice Memory Foundation Chairman

“We encourage scientists from all nations to contribute to Ice Memory so that their colleagues in a few decades or centuries can develop new knowledge so crucial to humanity" - Anne-Catherine Ohlmann, Director of Ice Memory Foundation
© Photo: Scanderbeg Sauer Photography
Updated on  March 22, 2024