[One Planet Polar Summit] Advocacy for a political & institutional mobilisation in favor of Ice Memory Preservation

November 2023

As France is organizing the first summit for the poles and glaciers, Ice Memory Foundation as part of the official foundations segment will advocate for a larger mobilisation, inviting more countries to get involved to preserve the ice memory of their glaciers. 

Convinced that safeguarding a heritage of ice cores from glaciers in danger of disappearing highlights the responsibility held by today’s generation, the Ice Memory Foundation call the international, scientific and institutional community to take action.

Ice Memory Foundation calls on Nations and international institutions for a rapid action to:

• Acknowledge the scientific cultural importance of glaciers as well as the urgent need for a long-term preservation of the ice memory for the benefit of future generations.
• Acknowledge our historic responsibility today to constitute a heritage of ice cores, a common heritage for humanity essential for future political decisions.
• Acknowledge the international Ice Memory initiative, led Ice Memory Foundation, and the relevance of its response for the loss of climate and environmental archives.
• Support a rapid and coordinated action by the international scientific and political to preserve this memory and safeguard ice cores in a Sanctuary for centuries to come

As a result, Ice Memory Foundation calls on the One Planet - Polar Summit’s stakeholders to:

• Contribute to the efforts of the international Ice Memory initiative, led by the Ice Memory Foundation, supported by UNESCO and recognised by the Antarctic Treaty System, and in particular:
- Facilitate and support, through diplomacy, logistics and assistance to their scientific community, access to their glaciers by national or international scientific teams to extract ice-cores for science and for the Ice Memory heritage,
- Support the very long-term preservation of heritage ice cores in a dedicated sanctuary in Antarctica, a land of peace and science.
• Invite the international institutions to continue their collaboration with the Ice Memory Foundation, in the perspective of establishing a long-term governance of the Ice Memory heritage.
• Call on the world’s business leaders and philanthropists to make a financial commitment alongside the scientists, through the foundations involved in preserving and protecting the ice memory.

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Updated on  November 29, 2023