International mobilisation

Acknowledgement from UNESCO

The French and Italian National Commissions for UNESCO granted their patronage in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

On 17 October 2017, the 202nd session of the UNESCO Executive Board, made up of 58 member states, adopted a decision on the Ice Memory initiative, thus acknowledging the scientific and cultural heritage significance of glaciers, as well as the relevance of the initiative, and encouraging the international community to take swift action.

Meeting Unesco 2017

A second decision from the 205th session of the UNESCO Executive Board in October 2018 confirmed the 2017 decision and highlighted the urgency of safeguarding the last remaining ice in Africa, as well as the role and special legal status established by the Antarctic Treaty.
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As well as from the Antarctic Treaty

The 41st Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) (ATCM) in Buenos Aires in July 2018 acknowledged the importance of Ice Memory and will be making sure that the project follows the rules regarding the Madrid Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.

During the 42nd ATCM held in Prague July 2019, French and Italian delegations presented an "Information Paper Ice Memory". Other national delegations were able to share their comments and criticisms, making it possible to make progress in the operating mode for the design and construction of the future storage cave.

During the 43rd ATCM held in Paris in June 2021, another Ice Memory information paper was submitted to update the Parties about the evolution of the programme. However, lack of time did not allow to discuss its content during plenary discussions. The next Ice Memory sequence will thus take place during the 44th ATCM held in Germany in 2022.

Operating partners

For each Ice Memory operation, the expedition leader relies on both the initial partners and partners who have shown a very strong interest in the project and who offer complementary expertise in logistics, weather data or drilling capacity.
Published on  October 11, 2019
Updated on July 27, 2022