Our mission and our values

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Convinced that safeguarding a heritage of ice cores from glaciers in danger of disappearing highlights the responsibility held by today’s generation, the international, scientific and institutional community has decided to take action.

Our mission

• Define and drive the international strategy - scientific and diplomatic - of the Ice Memory initiative by being representative of and recognized by the international community,
• Establish long term vision, drive the roadmap of the Ice Memory initiative and provide the resources to implement it,
• Ensure with scientific and diplomatic partners the establishment of the necessary conditions for the very long-term sustainability of the Ice Memory initiative.

Our values

Ice Memory is an international initiative, based on strong common values:
• Trust in science
• Disinterested cooperation
• Confidence in future generations
• Independence

The Ice Memory Foundation is at the service of the partners involved in the Ice Memory initiative, in all their diversity, in order to ensure the conditions for its success.

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Published on  October 11, 2019
Updated on October 30, 2023