The Ice Memory program aims to provide, now and for decades and centuries to come, the raw material and data necessary for scientific advances and political decisions that contribute to the sustainability and well-being of humanity.
Ice Memory aims to federate the international scientific and institutional communities in order to create in Antarctica a repository of ice cores from glaciers currently in danger of degradation or disappearance. Scientists are convinced that this ice has valuable information to pursue research on requiring samples from disappeared glaciers.





Claude Lorius

"Fifty years ago, when I discovered that by analysing the ice in Antarctica we could reconstruct the Earth’s climate and the composition of the atmosphere from the air bubbles inside, I could never have imagined how quickly and inevitably the glaciers are disappearing before our very eyes. My thanks go to the Ice Memory team for taking on the responsibility of creating this ice core sanctuary for future generations before it is too late."

Claude Lorius: French glaciologist and glacier drilling pioneer



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