Vision and values

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Convinced that safeguarding a heritage of ice coming from glaciers in danger of disappearing highlights the responsibility held by today’s generation, the international, scientific and institutional community has decided to take action.

Our vision

Ice Memory aims to provide and manage ice cores with their yielded information for decades and centuries to come.

Safeguarding these ice cores is key to provide scientific advances and knowledge, all the while guiding political decisions which will eventually contribute to the well being of humanity.

Ice Memory aims to federate the scientific and institutional communities in order to create, under international governance, an Antarctic repository of heritage ice cores from selected glaciers currently in danger of degradation or disappearance. Scientists, in the coming decades and centuries, will therefore have access to high quality ice cores in order to pursue their research.

Our values

Ice Memory is an international initiative, based on strong common values:
  • Trust in science
  • Disinterested cooperation
  • Confidence in future generations
  • Independence


"In the coming decades, or even the coming centuries, these samples will be invaluable, be it for entirely unprecedented scientific discoveries or for understanding local changes in the environment. This programme has my full support.”

Jean Jouzel
Climatologist, Vice-Chair of the IPCC (2002–2015), Nobel Peace Prize 2007 and Member of the Académie des Sciences
Published on  October 11, 2019
Updated onOctober 19, 2021